Super Piccell

Super Piccell

Web3 native media franchise project


This project is based on a story created by Japanese creator “muhus“.
The protagonists of the story are a Japanese girl called “Maya“ and her father “Kent“, who are known as the “Little Tokyo Girls“ in the metaverse.
This story may remind you of “cyberpunk“.
This is the story of the two main characters and their outlandish daily life with their neighbors and their great adventure in the metaverse.
Now is the time for you to participate in this project and create the continuation of this story together.
If this story becomes a legend and a great IP(Intellectual Property), you will surely be able to enjoy happiness.

Fan fiction is welcome in this project.
Let's use our creativity and cooperate with our friends to create a story.




Core Project Map

This is the core project of Super Piccell, a media franchise that adopts the CC0 license.
We provide the IP contents we create as a permanent public good that anyone can use freely around the world.
It is composed of IP contents of various genres, and anyone can freely create derivative works based on the CC0 license.
This brings a change to the closed content market and is based on the philosophy of creating a world where people can learn, create, and share freely.
The aim is to share and develop people's rich creativity and ideas.


This is our first derivative project, where we develop and provide Web3-related services.
This project specializes in NFT, Metaverse, and other media businesses, with the goal of monetization.